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Viterra seeking 1500 workers for 2019/20 grain harvest

Viterra has opened its annual recruitment drive for harvest workers with applications now open for approximately 1500 seasonal jobs. (more…)

Viterra launches barley dynamic binning for growers

Viterra is introducing dynamic binning for barley across its network for the 2019/20 harvest. Expanding dynamic binning to barley in addition to wheat is part of Viterra’s ongoing focus to improve its services through continued investment in its supply chain and passing efficiency gains and cost savings directly to grower customers. (more…)

Harvest recruitment opening soon

Registrations of interest for Viterra’s harvest positions are open for people looking to work during South Australia and western Victoria’s grain harvest period. (more…)

Viterra releases its 2019/20 preliminary segregation plan

Viterra has released its full preliminary segregation plan for the 2019/20 harvest to assist growers with their harvest planning. In March, Viterra released its preliminary segregations for malting barley, faba beans and PEAK peas to assist with planting decisions and now segregations for all commodities have been released. (more…)

Post harvest review report released

Viterra’s post harvest review report has been released with an overview of the 2018/19 season and feedback from growers on its harvest operations. (more…)

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