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Viterra confirming segregations across the state

Viterra’s planting survey results are being used to confirm segregations across South Australia in the lead up to harvest. (more…)

Viterra loads 100th east coast bound train

Viterra last week loaded its 100th train destined for the eastern states as the company continues to meet ongoing domestic demand across the east coast of Australia. (more…)

Viterra’s 2019/20 storage and handling service fees

Viterra is passing efficiencies and cost savings directly on to grower and buyer customers through its storage and handling fees for the 2019/20 harvest. (more…)

Wheat and barley receivals with chemicals applied

Viterra wishes to advise growers delivering durum wheat and barley of some changes for the coming harvest regarding chemical application. (more…)

Feed barley grade name change

From the 2019/20 harvest, all previous feed barley grades delivered to Viterra will be received under Grain Trade Australia’s (GTA) new grade name, Barley1 and Barley2. (more…)

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