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Our purpose is to connect quality Australian agricultural commodities safely and efficiently between growers and domestic and international customers.

Demand for exacting quality grain in Australia’s key markets is increasing as global populations increase and consumers become more affluent. They want authenticity – to know where their food is from and the ingredients it contains. Consumers demand the highest quality and food safety standards.

At Viterra, we are continuing to innovate our quality management for a sustainable future.

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Represents exacting standards, food safety and quality of delivery.

Raising the benchmark in quality management

For the grower, grain quality is the final return for a season’s hard work.
For the marketer, grain quality is meeting the needs of specific markets and end users.
For the end user, grain quality is a consistent and exact key ingredient for their food, beverage or feed product.
Quality cycle At Viterra, we are on a mission to raise the benchmark in quality management – and ensure we meet customers’ increasing demands. This means quality control across the entire supply chain, from grower receivals and storage, to loading and delivery, to local and international customers. We have created a quality program called Verified Viterra to reflect the high standards and systems needed to deliver quality grain to the world safely and efficiently. The Verified Viterra programme creates value through unparalleled quality control, delivering confidence and supporting demand for growers’ products. Behind it sits:

  • unrivalled ISO 22000:2018 certification covering the entire network
  • purpose built, state of the art, National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory
  • uncompromising Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) procedures
  • rigorous classification processes and training
  • exceptional grain protection and site hygiene.

With the dedication of our people, Verified Viterra is setting the benchmark. It is a symbol of
the highest grain quality systems – verified to customers.

Delivering food safe, quality grain from growers to the world.

We deliver grain to meet the specifications of each customer.

Verified Viterra exacting standards

Our processes make sure that the quality grown on farm is maintained through the supply chain. Customers benefit from unrivalled access to the exacting quality and reliable supply of grain through our network.


Grain classification

lab people
We undertake comprehensive grain classification. The classification of grain at receival is one of the most important areas in our quality program. At receival, commodities are sampled, tested and segregated into various grades. Each set of grade standards is established either by customer requirements or through Grain Trade Australia.


Independently checked equipment

Site and laboratory equipment, including balances, protein analysers and test weight measures, are all tested in adherence with the Australian Government National Measurement Institute’s (NMI) procedures. This includes a verification process and Viterra is audited for compliance by the NMI.


Continual training

All permanent and harvest employees involved in the storage and handling of grain undergo extensive food safety and quality training.
Specific classification training has been developed to provide classifiers with the necessary skills and knowledge to accurately classify loads of grain being received into Viterra. This training highlights procedures, equipment, standards, food safety and documentation required to ensure grain is received, stored and delivered to customers at an exacting standard.


State of the art laboratory

A dedicated, purpose built laboratory oversees all quality testing and training of staff at sites, ensuring consistency and reliability in the quality of grain in the Viterra system. Viterra’s laboratory follows the principles within the company’s ISO 22000:2018 certification and is audited on a regular basis. It is also accredited by NATA.

Verified Viterra food safety

We provide consistent, food safe, quality products and services to meet our customer and regulatory requirements. We maintain a high level of food safety management throughout all of our operations and activities.


Unrivalled safety standards

All Viterra facilities are ISO 22000:2018 certified to meet the highest international standards of food safety management. ISO 22000:2018 is overseen by international certification body TQCSI and involves re-certification audits every three years and surveillance audits annually. ISO 22000:2018 outlines the management framework required to be in place to effectively manage food safety issues and quality requirements. It is designed to control food safety hazards along the food chain to ensure that food is safe at the time of consumption.


Site hygiene, inspections and audits

The commodities handled by Viterra are a food product, for human or animal consumption. Viterra has a strict nil tolerance for contaminants that pose a biological, chemical and physical risk to products. Viterra has a number of processes for hygiene which ensure the supply of food safe products to our customers. All employees have an obligation to adhere to our quality management systems and procedures across our network and operations. All facilities undergo regular site inspections and audits on food safety and grain quality.

Verified Viterra quality of delivery

Viterra tests the grain at various points in the supply chain to meet customer’s specific requirements.


We test and retest

Viterra’s quality and food safety practices commence on delivery with a grower declaration. Each load is then tested and the data recorded allowing accurate tracking back to the farm if needed. Further testing occurs when grain is in storage and at periodic stages along the supply chain including when accumulating grain for customers. Final quality checks are conducted by Viterra at the point of export for bulk and containerised grain. All quality testing processes are monitored by Viterra’s laboratory.


Further independent specification checks

All export facilities are registered establishments, certified by the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). Under bilateral agreements to support biosecurity, Australian Government Authorised Officers check the grain to ensure the cargo meets all phytosanitary requirements of the importing country.

Viterra subscribes to the Australian Government National Residue Survey (NRS) – a crucial part of the Australian system for managing risks of chemical residues and environmental contaminants in Australian food products. Samples are taken for the NRS for chemical residue analysis. Samples are also sent to an independent laboratory if requested by the customer.

Our commitment to sustainability

Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to operate responsibly and meet legislative requirements, manage hazards associated with our business and maintain our social licence to operate. We work with the future in mind – along with our culture of quality we are focused on the sustainability of our business and safeguarding our employees, our customers, our communities and the environment.
We are committed to:

  • Safety – being a leader in workplace safety, eliminating fatalities and injuries
  • Health – becoming a leader in the protection and improvement of our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing
  • Environment – minimising any negative environmental impact from our operations and applying the precautionary principle in decision making
  • Community and human rights – fostering sustainable growth and respecting human rights wherever we operate

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