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Growers can access cash pricing provided by buyers in the Viterra system when delivering to a site or for grain in warehouse.

Instantly sell and transfer your warehoused grain to a cash price

Viterra’s new warehouse to cash enables growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price. Warehouse to cash can be accessed in Ezigrain through the Viterra app or website for growers to sell and transfer in an easy three step process without the need to contact the buyer beforehand.

Growers can continue to access cash prices for deliveries at site. We encourage growers to check the cash price printed on their weighnote before leaving the classification centre as buyers can amend and withdraw prices throughout the day.

For information on payment terms, please contact the relevant buyer.

Canola deliveries

All loads of canola delivered to a Viterra site are received directly into warehouse. Following delivery into warehouse, growers can choose to sell their load to a cash price through warehouse to cash or contact their preferred buyer.

This is to ensure growers have the option of selling to the best available price listed in the Viterra app and website as sustainable cash prices for canola deliveries are available for warehoused grain only and cannot be viewed or selected as an option for deliveries at site.

Reminder: If you are selecting a sustainable cash price, please ensure you have an ISCC certification in place with the nominated buyer.
Sustainable cash prices are available for warehoused grain only.




Price type




Contact details for buyers purchasing in Viterra sites

Advantage Grain Pty Ltd

Client code Phone number
ADM Trading Australia 1300 123 236
Advantage Grain Pty Ltd 02 8005 3007
Allied Pinnacle SCT 1300 404 566
Arrow Commodities 02 9310 2333
AssociatedGRAIN / Agrocorp 0473 303 303
Australian Grain Export 08 8832 2800
CBH Grain 1800 107 759
Centre State Exports 1800 244 211
FXG Group (Flexigrain) 03 5032 3377
Glencore Agriculture 1300 453 626
GrainCorp 08 8361 5601
Inghams Enterprises 0408 844 282
Iranda Beef 0447 160 238
Louis Dreyfus 0411 102 405
Market Check 08 8661 7129
Mauri (SA) 0424 756 272
Mauri (NSW & VIC) 0428 667 689
Quadra Commodities 0427 971 222
Riordan Grain Services 03 5220 8826
Riverina 07 3007 6888
Robinson Grain Trading 0408 566 166
Saputo Dairy Australia 1800 643 333
Westbrook Agriculture 0418 790 042

As at December 2020

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