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Thank you for your support throughout the 2019/20 harvest. The harvest had varying conditions across the state with some areas performing slightly better than expected, while other locations were impacted by drought and frost.

As part of our review of our operations, our annual post harvest grower survey was sent electronically to growers who delivered grain to a Viterra site during the 2019/20 harvest. The survey was also available on the Viterra website and via paper copy on request.

We appreciate and thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey and provide valuable responses. It is an important tool for us to gain feedback on our operations, services, safety and communication to understand what you value and where we can continue to improve.

The number of respondents to our survey increased significantly this year and results show a higher percentage of growers believe our services are improving year on year.

A summary of results from our survey, and our future focus areas based on responses, are presented below. All feedback has been reviewed and considered.

Viterra will now hold meetings with local growers and our Strategic Site Committees to discuss the results and further review the performance of sites in their respective areas.



Congratulations to the three winners of our survey competition, who have each won a $1000 donation to their nominated community group:

  • James Horstmann, Nildottie for Swan Reach Country Fire Service (CFS)
  • Matt Dare, Marola for Brinkworth CFS
  • Brian Turnbull, Yeelanna for Cummins and District Memorial Hospital Auxiliary

The majority of respondents believed the standard of our overall service delivery had improved and in recent years the percentage of growers who have seen an improvement in our service has continued to increase.

We are pleased to receive feedback from growers about the ways in which our services are providing value for their businesses. One respondent commented “we’re happy with the performance and outcomes of using Viterra services, in the role of performing our farming business”.

Where we received feedback specific to individual site operations, we will review these in more detail together with Strategic Site Committee Chairs.

  • Exploring new ways to improve our service offering for grower customers through investments, additional services and efficiency gains.
  • Focusing on providing a sustainable and efficient supply chain to grower customers.

Growers rated our classification, receival/elevation equipment, turnaround times, segregations and opening hours.

  • Ratings for all services improved from last year.
  • Classification and opening hours received the highest ratings.
    • Consistent classification between sites was a high priority. We continued to invest in training for our employees, with our laboratory overseeing the testing at sites to ensure reliability of results.
    • We worked closely with growers to match our opening hours to harvesting needs extending opening hours at larger sites.
  • Respondents were very positive about the segregations we provided this harvest.
    • We used the results from our planting survey with feedback from our silo committees to ensure segregations matched growers’ needs.
  • Turnaround times also received very positive feedback.
    • We focused on ways to improve turnaround times prior to harvest, including investing in 50,000 tonnes of extra storage at each of our Cummins, Roseworthy and Snowtown sites.
    • Prior to harvest we purchased new thermal printers, to replace our ticket printing machines, which are capable of printing dockets much faster and sped up our processes.
  • Our receival/elevation equipment was highlighted as an area with opportunity for improvement.
    • In 2019, close to 90 maintenance projects were carried out across our network, the upgrade of our receival/elevation equipment was a priority.
    • We relocated receival/elevation equipment around our network to sites with the greatest demand.

  • Working closely with growers to understand their needs and ensuring our services match those needs.
  • Investing in training each year to upskill our employees.
  • Ensuring adequate staffing levels to be able to extend opening hours to meet growers’ needs.
  • Where growers had feedback on opening hours, encouraging them to speak with their local site during harvest.
  • Encouraging growers to complete our planting survey to help Viterra plan segregations to match growers’ needs.
  • Directing $40 million into our sites each year where it provides greatest value to growers including:
    • Receival/elevation equipment upgrades across our network.
    • Shed resealing to ensure maximum storage and segregation availability.
    • Classification centre upgrades.
    • Maintenance projects to ensure the long term sustainability of storage and other infrastructure.
    • Major electrical switch room upgrades.

This harvest, we introduced barley dynamic binning following positive grower feedback and the success of wheat dynamic binning in the 2018/19 harvest.

For the 2019/20 harvest, upgrades were available for wheat grades ASW1, APW1, H2 and H1, and barley BAR1 (F1) grade, and Malt1 grades for Planet, Scope, Spartacus and Compass.

Dynamic binning delivered approximately $4.7 million in value to growers who were able to access higher grades, including $2 million for barley upgrades which was offered for the first time this harvest. Of the deliveries in the tolerance zone, 97 per cent of barley and 90 per cent of wheat were upgraded.

  • Our dynamic binning service was rated very highly by growers.
    • Comments included “dynamic binning had an attractive appeal” and was a factor when planning deliveries.

  • Continuing our dynamic binning for wheat and barley.
  • Continuing to meet the varying requirements of our buyer customers.

Safety is our number one priority and we worked hard to ensure everyone who visited our sites understood its importance and followed our safety procedures.

  • Feedback about our safety initiatives was positive.
    • Growers were pleased with Viterra’s communication of safety information; comments included “you address safety well” and “you were very good with safety”.
  • There was some valuable feedback provided regarding our safety initiatives.
  • Growers offered recommendations on preventing uncontrolled truck movements during harvest.
    • Recommendations included ways to remind drivers to use their park brakes while in their vehicle.

  • Continuing to provide a safe environment for visitors, workers and the communities in which we operate.
  • Ensuring everyone who visits our sites understands the importance of safety.
  • Ensuring growers and carriers who completed the Viterra Safety Induction for Grower Deliveries in 2018 renew this year.
  • Addressing any safety feedback highlighted from this survey.
  • Using the recommendations provided in this survey to create new ways to remind drivers to use their park brakes.

  • Growers gave very positive feedback about our communication of harvest related information and its frequency. Comments included “the flow of communication this year has been better than ever. Well done”.

We released our new Viterra app for the 2019/20 harvest to make it easier for growers to access site information to plan deliveries and transact in Ezigrain.

  • Around 75 per cent of respondents said they used our new app.
    • The majority said they were either very satisfied or satisfied with its features. One grower commented “the new Viterra app is excellent and was used nonstop during harvest. We’re very happy with it.”
  • There was feedback received on the app regarding an error that lost users’ saved sites and Ezigrain login details at the start of harvest.

  • Ensuring our app update that was released in January fixed any bugs causing data loss.
  • Encouraging growers who have further feedback on the app to contact the Service Centre.
  • Working on developments and maintenance of our app, website and Ezigrain portal to ensure they are up to date and easy to use.
  • Ensuring all communications are relevant, clear and provided in a timely manner.