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We are significant contributors to the South Australian economy through employment, engagement with local businesses, continuous supply chain investment and payment of taxes.

A study has been released by Flinders University to assess our economic contribution to the state between 2011 and 2019.

The Economic Impact Assessment of Viterra Operations in South Australian regions, 2011-2019, was carried out by the University’s Australian Industrial Transformation Institute.

Podcast: Flinders University report key findings and Viterra’s contribution to South Australia

The podcast examines the report and our contribution to the state and hears from:

  • Viterra Regional Director Australia and New Zealand Tim Krause, who discusses why Viterra engaged the university to produce the report, and how proud the business is of the contribution we make to South Australia, and particularly to regional South Australia where most of our employees, customers and service providers live and work.
  • Flinders University Professor John Spoehr, one of the authors of the report, as he explains the key findings of the study, our substantial contribution and how important our operations are to regional economies.
  • regional business owners about why they value their relationship with Viterra and the benefits it brings to their business and community.

Key findings from the 2011-2019 report


*Contribution to the South Australian economy is gross state product

View the Flinders University report.

Hear from regional businesses about how they value their relationship with Viterra


Businesses in the Western region

Accommodation at Lock

Viterra has worked with Accommodation at Lock for four years to supply accommodation for harvest workers.

Accommodation at Lock owner, Dennis Lightfoot said he provides accommodation for workers such as shearers, fencers and builders and harvest workers.

“Viterra books us out for three months during harvest, this guaranteed block booking is worth its weight in gold,” Dennis said.

“The block booking makes it easier for us and for Viterra. It’s a great system, everyone knows where they stand well in advance and both parties have the flexibility of providing accommodation for workers throughout the entire grain harvest season.

“Our accommodation is in a great position for Viterra employees to stay at as it’s close to both the silo and bunker sites.

“Viterra are also fantastic to deal with which is a big plus, I’m very happy with their efficiency and the whole experience. We have a great relationship where information flows freely.”


Boomerang Motel, Lock

For the past three years, Viterra has booked out eight of the nine rooms at the Boomerang Motel in Lock, Eyre Peninsula (EP). The motel provides rooms, and a restaurant and bar in a quite country setting in the centre of the EP.

Boomerang Motel owner, Trevor Ahearn said Viterra books the rooms for three months for workers to stay in during harvest.

“It’s very reassuring knowing that we’ve got guaranteed business at the end of the year which sets us up for the next year,” Trevor said.

“This is the third year running that Viterra have booked us out, however we’ve had a relationship with the business for nearly eight years.

“There are many other benefits to having a Viterra site in our region. Our business benefits as the trucks that pass through buy fuel from our pumps on site. The whole town gets a boost as the local services are utilised, being in such a small town this really helps.

“It’s great to see Viterra supporting small businesses in towns such as our own. They’re very easy to work with and we really value their support.”


Cleve Birdseye Roadhouse

Viterra has been working with the Cleve Birdseye Roadhouse for three years. The business based on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia includes a food shop and takeaway, fuel station, laundromat and caravan park.

Viterra worked with the business in 2017 to build units on the roadhouses’ land for harvest workers to stay at. The roadhouse maintains the units, and occasionally rents them out throughout the year to customers.

Cleve Birdseye Roadhouse owner, Julie Petherick said she really values the relationship with Viterra, and that she’s found working with the business on this project to be a great experience.

“Our unique arrangement with Viterra has worked out really well for us, giving a boost to our income,” Julie said.

“The employees who stay with us, and other Viterra employees will often buy food and takeaway from us, which is another benefit for us.

“Having a Viterra site in the region is a great thing for local businesses, and at harvest we really see the pick up in revenue from growers and more harvest workers popping in.”


Gawler Ranges Motel and Caravan Park, Wudinna

Viterra has worked with the Gawler Ranges Motel and Caravan Park, situated in Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsula for the past three years. The motel offers rooms, a licensed restaurant, indoor swimming pool, caravan park and powered and unpowered camping sites.

The Gawler Ranges Motel and Caravan Park owner, Susie Chapman said she is immensely grateful for Viterra’s ongoing relationship with her business.

“Each harvest, Viterra books out 10 of our rooms for three months to provide accommodation to harvest workers. Having that guaranteed income for three whole months is great for a regional business,” Susie said.

“Viterra also holds its annual post harvest grower meeting at our restaurant which we cater for.

“Having a Viterra site in our region not only benefits my business, it also benefits our entire community. Viterra hires locals throughout the year and they hire more during harvest. We also get travellers who come to our region to work the harvest with Viterra, the boost of spending really picks up the area.

“Viterra are fantastic to work with, I really can’t speak highly enough of the team and their professionalism, and the relationship we’ve been able to build.”


Lock Hotel

Viterra works with Lock Hotel, based in Lock. The hotel was recently renovated to a classic country style with motel and hotel rooms and a pub.

Lock Hotel Owner, Daryl Nattrass said Viterra books out the hotel’s six motel rooms for three months for harvest workers to use.

“Viterra’s support gives our business a good boost,” Daryl said.

“We bought, refurbished and reopened the hotel last year, so to have Viterra book out our motel for 3 months later that year really helped us out.

“Throughout the year we also serve Viterra employees who eat and drink at our pub, they are a great bunch of people who are very friendly.

“In a town like Lock, where there isn’t many industries apart from grain, everyone is intertwined and knows one another. It’s a great community feeling and we benefit from having a Viterra site in our area.”


Wudinna Hotel Motel

For the past five years, Viterra has worked with the Wudinna Hotel Motel, situated in Wudinna on the Eyre Peninsula. Viterra utilises the hotel’s rooms to provide accommodation for harvest workers who travel to Wudinna to work at sites in the region.

Wudinna Hotel Motel owner, Tony Griffin said he strongly values the relationship with Viterra.

“Our accommodation is heavily booked every year by the company’s harvest workers who call the hotel home. They eat and drink with us too, which has additional cash flow benefits,” Tony says.

“While we’ve been directly working with Viterra for five years, our business has benefited from harvest workers independently staying in our hotel for the 24 years we’ve been open.

“The staff that I deal with at Viterra are extremely efficient and they make the whole process very easy.

“In a town like Wudinna, grain is our major industry and we are very grateful we have a Viterra site in the area which supports our strong community.”

“Having Viterra sites in our area is great for the entire region, as we benefit from increased trade with people moving to the area and growers and truck drivers flowing through.”

Businesses in the Central region

Golden Wheat Bakery, Balaklava

Viterra utilises the Golden Wheat Bakery’s catering services throughout the year. Based in Balaklava, South Australia, the small country bakery bakes all goods on premises daily, selling single items at it’s shopfront while also catering for larger businesses in the area.

Golden Wheat Bakery Owner, Kim Post said the bakery has been working with Viterra for four years to cater its meetings and training sessions.

“We cater for Viterra throughout the year for different events, but at harvest time the business orders a lot more from us. There’s a period of about two weeks during harvest where we provide catering every day,” Kim said.

“Our relationship with Viterra is fantastic, without their extra income it would be a little bit more challenging to run our business.

“We’ve found the business to be really reliable and loyal, they’ve continued to support us over the years which we really appreciate.

“With businesses like Viterra continuing to purchase from us, we’ve been able to expand to a bigger premise and purchase new equipment to do our jobs faster.”


Ultimate Engineering and Maintenance Services, Stockwell

Viterra works with Ultimate Engineering and Maintenance Services (UEMS) who are based in Stockwell, South Australia and offer 24/7 multi-trade engineering and maintenance services. The company employs 55 permanent employees and utilises additional contractors on a regular basis.

UEMS Project Manager, Steve Argent said Viterra has worked with the firm for around six years on a full time basis.

“Viterra is one of our major contractors and we work with the business most days of the year in one way or another,” Steve said.

“The work we do for Viterra is a major part of our business and we highly value the relationship. The amount of work we do for them keeps us very busy, and this includes both large and small projects right across South Australia.

“Viterra and its employees are great to work with, they have a clear focus on creating a safe and efficient workplace for our employees on site which is reassuring.”

Businesses in the Eastern region

Café La Vie, Bordertown

Viterra works with Café La Vie based in Bordertown, who provide catering for Viterra for meetings, training sessions and business lunches.The busy cafe focuses on homestyle cooking and caters for larger parties as well as serving food at their premises.

Café La Vie Manager, Kim Steuart said Viterra uses the cafe for catering all year round, but that the orders increase around harvest.“We’ve worked with Viterra for over eight years, and we love our connection with the business,” Kim said.

“Having continual support from Viterra boosts our business and we are forever grateful for that.”


Southern Contracting Group, Lameroo

Viterra works with Southern Contracting Group, a family run business based in Lameroo, South Australia. The business employs over 20 people and offers diverse contracting services such as earth moving and quarry supplies across South Australia.

Southern Contracting Group Managing Director, Matt Ramke said Viterra uses their services at sites, typically to carry out road and yard maintenance and grain bunker construction.

“Viterra have been very good to our business, and we really value the relationship we’ve had over the 15 years of working together,” Matt said.

“It’s great to see Viterra supporting businesses in regional South Australia, their support creates opportunities for us to employ more local people.

“Without the work we do for Viterra, there would be a big hole in our business, and we wouldn’t be able to employ everyone that we do today.”