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We have made changes to the delivery process for the 2020/21 harvest to align with government COVID-19 guidelines.

We are monitoring the situation across Australia daily and responding to all government advice and protocols.

Our measures

We have put measures in place at all our sites to manage the health and wellbeing of our employees, growers, carriers, visitors and the broader community.

These measures are also designed to ensure business continuity, and being able to operate our supply chains to meet the needs of our grower and buyer customers.

We continue to plan for different scenarios to align our operations with any changes to the government COVID-19 advice and guidelines during harvest, and we have the necessary resources to do so.

More information on measures in our business.

Deliveries during harvest and postharvest

We have reviewed all points of the delivery process and have made modifications to processes and requirements that will be in place at our sites.

  • We are following government advice and guidelines which includes requirements for cross border community travel.
  • Do not attend site if you are feeling unwell, showing any symptoms or have been COVID-19 tested and are waiting for results. This includes employees, growers, carriers, contractors, suppliers and visitors.
  • When visiting our sites, please ensure you maintain physical distancing (1.5 metres) at all times.
  • Predelivery bucket samples will be managed without the need for interaction. Samples should be left under the stairs of the classification offices with your name and mobile phone number. An employee will call you with the results.
  • Our classification offices have maximum capacities based on size to ensure physical distancing is maintained.
  • The number of drivers in a classification office will be restricted. When the person in front of you is in the classification office, please wait at the bottom of the classification office stairs until they have left.
  • Please ensure you use hand sanitiser prior to entering the classification office. Sanitiser will be available at the bottom of the stairs.
  • Please bring your own pen to use in the classification office.
  • All classification offices will have a perspex shield and/or window as a barrier between the driver and employee.
  • Please use driver amenities where available, rather than employee amenities and follow maximum capacity requirements.
  • The exchange of paperwork will be minimised.
    • Please do not sign any paperwork.
    • Please bring your own pen to use in the classification office and complete any missing information on the delivery advice and declaration form rather than Viterra employees.
    • At classification, weighing in and weighing out, there will be a container to put paperwork in.
    • When unloading, an employee signature is not required on the delivery token unless a modification needs to be made to the partition.
    • When weighing out at staffed weighbridges, please do not sign the transaction. Place paperwork on the counter for an employee to scan rather than passing to them.
  • National Grower Register (NGR) cards must be taken with you rather than leaving them at site.
  • NGR cards for community groups or charities will remain on site. Please notify an employee if you wish to donate a portion of your delivery to a group or charity and they will have access to the relevant NGR card.
  • To enable us to manage shift change over, there will be a break between one shift finishing and the next starting to allow time for employees to leave before the following shift starts. This will mean there will be a short break in operations during that changeover time. We will manage opening hours in line with growers’ delivery needs.