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Connecting growers with international and domestic markets

Viterra operates a storage and handling network where we receive, store and move grain to international and domestic markets. Our network includes upcountry sites and strategically located port terminals spanning key growing regions in South Australia and western Victoria.

We are also one of Australia’s largest container packing and processing businesses, with facilities in south and eastern Australia.

Viterra receives the main commodities grown in southern Australia, offering multiple segregations for each. These segregations allow growers to capture value for their grain depending on the variety, grade and quality specifications of their individual loads and they assist buyers to match their needs.

We work closely with our grower, buyer and end use customers to provide an efficient, reliable and flexible supply chain to meet their changing needs. We have strategic site committees that are made up of active grain growers to represent grower customers across our network.

Large employer in regional South Australia

Our employees are critical to our success.

Our diverse team has specific skills and knowledge, and many years of experience upholding our high standards and maintaining market access for South Australian grain on behalf of growers.

Our people are a reflection of our core values, and work hard to ensure the safety, quality and reliability of everything we do.

We have a strong focus on training and development to further up skill our employees and provide opportunities for career growth within our business.

Raising the benchmark in quality management

Quality management and food safety is integrated into all of our activities and operations, and we are proud of the consistently high standards we are achieving.

All Viterra facilities meet the highest international standards of quality control and food safety management.

All our export facilities are registered and certified by the Department of Agriculture.

We undertake comprehensive grain classification and residue testing and we invested in a dedicated state of the art laboratory, accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities, which oversees all classification testing.

Strong contributors to regional South Australia

We are significant contributors to the South Australian economy through employment, engagement with local businesses, ongoing supply chain investment and payment of taxes.

Viterra contributed over $4.6 billion to the South Australian economy between 2010 and 2019. This equates to an annual average of $271 million directly, with a further $245 million flow on generated by our operations.

We employed the equivalent of 943 people full time on average each year and indirectly employed a further 1603 people full time on average each year.

The majority of our contribution is in regional South Australia and our projects use as many local contractors as possible.

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55 grower receival sites
9.8 million tonnes storage capacity

6 bulk grain export terminals
4 packing and processing facilities

7 commodities including wheat, barley, canola, lentils, faba beans, field peas and lupins

5000 grower customers
≈40 buyer customers

10+ export customers
28 shipping destinations

700+permanent employees
1500+additional employees during harvest

ISO22000:2018certified facilities, the highest certification of any grain supply chain in Australia

To achieve our vision, we have developed six key focus areas.

1. Improve our high standards of health, safety and environmental performance.

In every aspect of our business, the health and safety of our people, contractors, visitors, customers and communities is our number one priority.


2. Achieve closer, mutually beneficial relationships with growers.

Growers are key customers. The success of our business is reliant on their success. We work closely with our grower customers to understand their changing needs and match our services to meet those needs.


3. Inspire and support our people to be ambassadors.

Our employees are critical to our success. We have world-class assets, supported by a high-performing workforce to operate an efficient supply chain and provide a high level of service to our customers.


4. Achieve valuable relationships with customers and external stakeholders.

Communicating openly and building relationships with domestic, export and end-use customers, government and industry is crucial. We need to ensure our business and services are meeting their expectations and needs.

5. Operate the most reliable, effective and professional supply chains in Australasia.

We have an ongoing focus on improving supply chain efficiencies, including logistics, storage capacity, quality control, IT systems and shipping capacity. We strive to provide services that match the needs of our grower customers, export customers and end-use customers.

6. Pursue opportunities to support sustainable growth.

We are adapting to a changing market and challenging environment and we take a long term view to make our business more resilient. Our business will continue to innovate to adapt to the changing needs of customers and capture growth opportunities that exist with growing populations and food demand.

Our Values

Our values are formalised in our practice as a business and define what it means to work at Viterra, regardless of location or role.

We make things happen

Efficient and effective, we get the job done. We empower our people to make well-informed decisions, fast. We are responsive to change and pursue opportunity.

We are connected

We value diversity and work inclusively to bring together many minds, many talents and many perspectives. Throughout our network, we collaborate respectfully and build successful partnerships that last.

We are open

We are true to our word. Clarity, honesty and transparency define us. We partner with colleagues and customers in a positive, straight forward way, operating with integrity to be successful.

We are responsible

We care for our colleagues, our customers, our communities and our environment. We prioritise safety and sustainability throughout our business, continuously looking to improve our performance and the positive contribution we make to the world.

We look ahead

Innovative, ambitious and resourceful, we are solutions focused. The future presents us with possibilities. We keep learning and evolving, developing new ways of doing business to be the leaders in our field.