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South Australian grain promoted to end use customers

25 February 2021

South Australian grain and the Viterra supply chain is being promoted to end use customers in the upcoming Australian Grains Industry Conference (AGIC) Asia next week.

Viterra has a strong focus on connecting South Australian growers with end use markets domestically and internationally, and is supporting the event which is primarily attended by end use customers, buyers, consumers and regulators across Asia. Senior Commercial Manager Lyndon Asser will be guest speaker talking about the South Australian supply chain and crop quality.

Drawing on significant industry experience, Lyndon will speak about the high quality of wheat, barley and pulses produced by South Australian growers. He will also provide an overview on the recent South Australian harvest and the strong consistent demand Viterra has experienced for grain out of its system.

The presentation includes an overview of the Viterra supply chain and its strong focus on quality standards. With the highest international standards in food safety and quality management, Viterra is able to meet the varying requirements of end users and markets around the world. The business invests in its food safety and quality to ensure market access continues to be maintained for South Australian grain. Viterra holds a number of certifications and has purchased additional equipment for its state of the art laboratory since its opening.

Lyndon will also speak about how the industry has adapted to international buyers not being able to travel to Australia to visit sites and crops during the global health pandemic. Viterra participated in an initiative of the Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre (AEGIC) in conjunction with Grain Producers SA and South Australian growers. The initiative involved Viterra employees and South Australian growers creating engaging content each month showcasing the growing season. The content was recorded and provided to international customers in video format so they could continue to be updated with how the season was progressing.

The event will be held online for the second consecutive year and available in three different languages for attendees to listen to.