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Receival standards

2022/23 harvest receival standards and key changes

Changes to wheat variety classification

We are continuing to remove wheat varieties to be in line with Wheat Quality Australia’s (WQA) Wheat Variety Master List.

The following wheat varieties that have been removed from the Wheat Variety Master List will be removed from our variety list.

If these varieties are delivered, the highest grade they can achieve is SFW1 feed grade.

If you have any concerns please contact your local operations manager.

Varieties removed for 2022/23 harvest

  • Anlace

  • Barham

  • Kukri

For the 2023/24 harvest, there are additional varieties which will be removed from the WQA Wheat Variety Master List. The highest grade any deliveries of these varieties can achieve is SFW1 feed grade.

Varieties removed for 2023/24 harvest

  • Wedin

  • Kunjin

  • Envoy

  • Diamondbird

Genetically modified (GM) and non-GM canola

View our segregation plan to learn which sites are taking GM canola this harvest. 

You must declare if you are delivering GM canola for all deliveries. Viterra can only receive varieties of canola from the Australian Oilseeds Federation approved list for varieties.

GM canola will be received into the grade name, CAGM while non-GM canola will continue to be received as CANO.

As GM and non-GM supply chains are being managed separately, commodity classification transfers are not available for GM canola.

We collect samples from all grower loads of canola for traceability purposes and chemical residue testing. Non-GM harvest partitions will be tested for GM to ensure canola meets the requirements of customers. If a misdeclaration of GM variety contaminates a non-GM partition, the contamination procedure will be implemented.

The receival fee for GM canola is slightly higher than non-GM canola due to the additional testing, cleaning processes and separate handling that is required to manage it.

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