Benefits of warehousing

Warehousing enables growers to store grain in their ownership at a Viterra site. There are several benefits of warehousing:

• You have the option to defer and maximise marketing decisions
• You get access to quality storage and professional expertise in storage hygiene
• Our facilities are ISO 22000 accredited to meet the highest international standards of food safety management - highly regarded by buyers.  
• You have access to over 40 buyers who operate withint the Viterra system. 
• Commodities are received by Viterra to acceptable industry standards
• You have the ability to view deliveries and transfer grain online via ezigrain.com.au
• There is the potential to obtain better freight rates due to outturn from Viterra facilities
• You'll have a reduced reliance on on-farm storage facilities
• You'll avoid on-farm pesticide costs
• We offer a safe and secure storage of commodities. 

How to warehouse

Warehouse deliveries must be delivered on a NGR grower card. Growers delivering into warehouse are bound by Viterra's 2016/17 Receival Service and Warehousing Terms & Conditions.

Warehousing is available at most sites for most segregations. Warehoused receivals may be limited if the storage for particular segregations fills during harvest, and where storage may be restricted to approved buyers.

Transferring ownership of a warehoused commodity

After growers arrange the sale of all or part of their warehoused stock to a marketer, they can transfer their grain through ezigrain.com.au or by contacting the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205. All transfers require approval from the marketer.

NOTE: Viterra cannot control how quickly marketers respond to transfer requests, but we undertake to pass on the transfer request within 24 hours. Where a marketer is slow to respond, Viterra will follow up and try to accelerate the process.

The Service Centre requires the following information for ownership transfers:

• NGR number
• Buyer name (and code if applicable) and contract number
• Commodity and (tonnage or) individual Weighnote (tickets) to be transferred

Warehousers will then be issued with a transfer number over the phone that confirms the order is pending. They must retain and quote this number for any enquiries relating to the transfer, and the number will appear on a confirmation letter to the grower when the transfer has been processed.

If warehousers conduct their transfer through ezigrain.com.au they are required to provide the same information as outlined for Viterra Service Centre transfers, and they can contact the Service Centre if they have any problems with the online process.

NOTE: When Selling & Transferring grain, Delivered tonnage figures should be used

Shrinkage applies to all commodities received, levied at 0.6 per cent per tonne for cereals and oilseeds, and 0.85 per cent per tonne for pulses. Domestic outturns are outturned as shrunk tonnage. Domestic outturn conditions can be confirmed in the warehousing terms and conditions, and conditions of restrictions apply.

To arrange the outturn of a warehoused commodity, growers should contact the site (or the applicable Regional Office) where the stock is held. At least one full working day's notice of an impending outturn is generally required.

Growers who outturn grain in their own name will be invoiced for the receival fee and any other applicable storage and handling charges.

Disclosing Warehoused Grain

Growers are able to "opt in" to have information about their warehoused grain disclosed to other grain marketers.

Information from growers who have opted in - including name, address, phone number, commodity, site and tonnages of grain stored - will be provided to registered grain marketers on a weekly basis until Viterra is advised otherwise. If a grower chooses not to disclose their information, Viterra will maintain their privacy.

To opt in to make information about your warehoused grain available to registered grain marketers, complete and return the Warehouse Disclosure Authority Form to Viterra.