Safety and responsibility

Providing a safe work environment for workers, visitors and the communities we operate in is of paramount importance to Viterra. To achieve this we take a proactive approach which is outlined in our Safety, Health, Environment and Injury Management (SHE&IM) Policy.

Viterra Safety Card

Growers and carriers visiting a Viterra site, above 15 years of age, are required to have a valid Viterra Safety Card to verify they are up to date with the relevant safety requirements, procedures and responsibilities. To obtain a Safety Card, complete the Safety Induction.

NEW information for 2016/17 season:

  • All growers/carriers with a Viterra Safety Card expiring in 2016 or 2017 will have the expiry date extended to August 2017.
  • This is to accommodate a new and improved Safety Card Induction process being introduced in 2017.
  • A new card will be sent to the affected growers/carriers prior to harvest.
  • Any growers/carriers who do not have a Safety Card will still need to complete the existing Safety Induction. Hard copies of the Induction are also available at sites or from the Viterra Service Centre.

Ensure you carry your Viterra Safety Card when visiting sites. Viterra employees can ask to see your card at any time along with photographic identification. This is the only Safety Card recognised by Viterra.

Site safety rules

  • All growers and carriers accessing a Viterra site must hold a valid Viterra Safety Card.
  • All drivers must follow site traffic management plans and directions given by employees including obeying all speed restrictions and signage at all times.
  • Personal protective equipment (hard hat, highvisibility clothing, enclosed shoes and eyewear) must be worn. Different sites have different requirements based on the associated risks which are highlighted on safety signage at the entrance to sites or near relevant areas.
  • Growers and carriers must wear eyewear while outside their vehicle at discharge areas. This is when they are most exposed to dusty environments and at risk of an eye injury.
  • Children (under 15 years) must be under their guardian’s supervision at all times and remain in the vehicle in operational areas.
  • All trucks must be fitted with a ground operating tarping system or a safe low level platform.
  • Climbing on vehicles should be minimised and only undertaken where the operator has a planned safe method to undertake the task, can maintain three points of contact and the ladder appears fit for purpose.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure their vehicle complies with Chain of Responsibility legislation. 

Uncontrolled Vehicle Movements

Recent harvests have seen an increasing number of vehicles moving without anyone in control of the vehicle.
In order to protect the safety of everyone associated with our operations it is a requirement that:

  • Vehicles accessing Viterra sites must be adequately maintained and brakes must be in good working order.
  • Park brakes must be applied at all times before leaving the vehicle cabin.
  • Park brake alarms, where installed, must be used.
  • If you require disengagement of brakes for thepurposes of discharging or receiving your load (for example tip over axle vehicles), you must implement a safe system of work to the satisfaction of Viterra employees. Please contact your local Viterra site to discuss this prior to harvest.

After reviewing any incident of an uncontrolled vehicle movement, Viterra may take appropriate and necessary action. This may include requiring evidence of certification, roadworthiness and denying access to sites if a vehicle is deemed to be unsafe.