Fees, terms and conditions

Viterra’s fee structure reflects the most efficient operations of the storage and handling network long term. The structure is designed to encourage growers and commercial customers to use the most efficient sites and ports.

Storage and handling fees are paid by the commercial customers, and it is at their discretion how they reflect Viterra’s cost-based charging structure in their site based pricing to grower customers.

There are minimal fee increases which are in line with the current cost of the provision of service. Every effort has been made to keep any increase to a minimum and Viterra continues to seek efficiencies in its operations to offset increases in costs. 

Export Select Rates

Viterra’s Export Select Rebate gives a proportion of the rebate directly to growers via the Export Select Rates, which has been used by GTA in determining their Location Differentials. The commercial customers who continue to utilise Viterra’s logistics service will still be entitled to an export select rebate to reflect the associated supply chain efficiencies.

Port fees

It is essential port terminals are managed to facilitate shipping requirements, in order to meet peak demands and maximise the efficiency of the storage and handling network for the benefit of growers, marketers and the industry.

Viterra is continuing to reflect the cost differences of the supply chain pathways through the port handling and shipping fee structure for its port terminals. Port terminal storage needs to be constantly turned over to allow flexibility and efficiency in meeting shipping requirements.

Upcountry receival fees

To reflect the most efficient and cost effective operations of the storage and handling network, Viterra has two tiers of receival fees at upcountry sites.

Warehouse Storage and Handling Service Fees 2016/17

Receival Service and Warehousing Terms and Conditions 2016/17