Communication options for growers


The Ezigrain website provides a wealth of information to assist growers in managing their grain delivery and storage.

Ezigrain includes site specific information such as segregations, receival standards, site opening hours, contact information and site quality data. It also provides cash and pool prices and gives growers the ability to transfer grain from warehouse to a grain buyer, after a contract has been entered into.

Growers who deliver grain to Viterra are able to access the My Deliveries, My Warehouse and My Transfers reports. The My Warehouse report shows delivered and shrunk tonnes, so this information assists in planning outturn requirements.

To register for an Ezigrain logon contact the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205.

The Ezigrain app is a simplified version of the Ezigrain website, and also links to the mapping functionality on your phone to assist with logistics and transportation to Viterra sites.

The app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices via the relevant app store.

SMS alerts

Viterra regularly sends SMS alerts advising growers and carriers of changes to site opening hours and segregation availability.

Register for the SMS alerts by contacting the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205. When registering you will need to provide your full name, mobile phone number, relevant sites and NGR or carrier number.

Once registered you can update or make amendments to the sites and ports you wish to receive SMS alerts about by calling the Viterra Service Centre.

Site opening hours

Regularly check or the Ezigrain app to find out a Viterra site's opening hours as they are regularly updated.

Where possible, SMS alerts are sent to growers in the event of changed site opening hours due to unforeseen circumstances including extreme weather conditions such as thunderstorms, high winds and extreme heat.

Viterra Service Centre – 1800 018 205

The Viterra Service Centre is available to assist with harvest-related information. Our team of skilled operators can provide information and assistance over the phone relating to:

■ Site operating hours
■ Receival standards
■ Warehousing queries
■ Storage and handling service fees
■ Weigh note amendments
■ Billing enquiries
■ Assistance with Ezigrain (including pin number)
■ Registration for or make changes to the SMS service

The Viterra Service Centre operates extended hours during harvest. Visit to check their operating hours.

Strategic Site Committees

Strategic Site Committees act as the key communication point between Viterra and growers. The Committees are made up of active grain growers and carriers who deliver to Viterra sites

If you have feedback on Viterra site-related activities you can contact your local Strategic Site Committee Chair.

Weekly Harvest Report

Viterra publishes a Weekly Harvest Report, which includes data on grain received into Viterra’s South Australian storage and handling network, grouped by Viterra’s regional areas: Western (Eyre Peninsula), Central (Yorke Peninsula/Mid North-Adelaide), Eastern (Murray Mallee/South East). The report also includes commentary on harvest conditions.

To receive this report, please complete the subscription form on the News page.

Your Opinion Matters

Your Opinion Matters is Viterra's online feedback tool. It provides an easy and direct way for growers and carriers to contact Viterra to express concerns, provide positive feedback, or suggest improvements to the system.

If you would prefer to speak to someone directly, please call the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205. Your comments will be entered into the Your Opinion Matters system over the phone.

Site contacts

For contact details of any Viterra site go to under operating hours.

Regional Offices  Phone     Fax
Western (Eyre Peninsula)      08 8682 1888    08 8682 6526   
Central (including Yorke Peninsula and Adelaide)    08 8862 0200  08 8862 0202
Eastern (Murray Mallee and South East)   08 8750 2800 08 8752 2825
Adelaide (including Two Wells) 08 8447 3089 08 8341 1679
Port Terminals  Phone Fax
Adelaide Ports 08 8447 3089  08 8341 1679
Yorke Peninsula Ports 08 8823 2300 08 8823 3125
Port Lincoln   08 8682 1888  08 8682 6526
Thevenard    08 8625 2212 08 8625 3215