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Our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to operate responsibly and meet legislative requirements, manage hazards associated with our business and maintain our social licence to operate.

  • Health – become a leader in the protection and improvement of our people’s and our communities’ wellbeing
  • Safety – be a leader in workplace safety, eliminating fatalities and injuries
  • Environment – minimise any negative environmental impact from our operations and apply the precautionary principle in decision making
  • Community and human rights – foster sustainable growth and respect human rights wherever we operate

Waste Reduction Programs

We have implemented a plastic recycling program with Plastic Recyclers International (PRI). This partnership involves diverting plastic liners from landfill. Plastic liners are used in our bunkers during harvest. When a bunker is emptied, the plastic liner is baled and moved to our strategic sites, where PRI collect it and process it. The plastic liner is processed to create a variety of practical, long-lasting and environmentally sustainable products.

Native Fauna Management

Southern Hairy Nose Wombat numbers are decreasing significantly in South Australia’s Yorke Peninsula. In 2009, a wombat colony was found on buffer land owned by Viterra at Wallaroo. As a responsible land owner, a Wombat Management Program has been implemented to protect and preserve the colony. This program will help ensure that their habitat and our site operations can co-exist.

Water collection

Most of our operational sites are equipped with rain water tanks and dams to collect rain which can be used for firefighting.