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Viterra has released its preliminary segregation plan for malt barley, peas and faba beans for the 2019/20 harvest to help growers plan for the season. This comes ahead of the preliminary segregation plan for all commodities.

Viterra has made changes to its segregations based on grower planting trends, operational requirements and to ensure we can provide an efficient service to growers for the upcoming harvest.

Our preliminary segregation plan is subject to change based on further feedback from growers and seasonal conditions.

Key changes include:

Hindmarsh barley

  • Hindmarsh barley will be segregated as feed due to continued decline in planting.
  • Viterra provided notice to growers that Hindmarsh malt segregations would not be offered after the 2018/19 harvest.


  • Viterra will continue to offer PEAK pea segregations.
  • Due to declining receivals, PEAS pea segregations will not be available.
  • Growers in the Central and Eastern region, can sell PEAS with ‘Buyers Call’ contracts direct with buyers.

Malt barley, pea and faba bean preliminary segregation plans

Malt barley segregations

  • CM1 – Compass
  • CO1 – Commander
  • LA1 – Latrobe
  • PLAN – Planet
  • SO1 – Scope
  • SP1 – Spartacus

Pea and faba bean segregations

  • PEAK – Kaspa, Gunyah, Twilight, Wharton peas
  • PEAS – Dun peas
  • FIESTA – Faba beans

For more information, please contact the Operations Manager or Operations Coordinator listed on the fact sheet for your area or contact the Service Centre.