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Grain delivered from 1 March 2017 will be received under the Late Season Delivery Procedure.

Contact your Regional Office to discuss late season delivery options. Each load delivered will require a Late Season Declaration Form to be signed. Late season grower deliveries may be common stocked and for this reason a grower load sample will be retained at site for traceability purposes.

At all times chemicals should be applied according to withholding periods, label instructions, application rates and safe operating procedures. Government regulators may investigate incidents where grain is found to have chemical levels above Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs).

Post-delivery, a composite sample of the partition will be tested for chemical residue. If residue is detected at levels greater than the Australian MRL, individual grower load samples will be tested and grower(s) may be liable for contaminated stock.

If you would like a representative sample tested prior to delivery to mitigate your risk of chemical residue contamination, a sample can be presented to the Regional Office or nominated site. Allow 10 working days for results to be returned. Please note that even if pre-delivery testing has occurred, Viterra will still retain a sample upon delivery of the load for further testing if required.

Exceptions to Viterra’s late season process may occur when there is not enough segregation space to store late season deliveries separately. In these instances, pre-delivery testing of grower composite samples will be required to preserve the integrity of grain received during harvest. Your Regional Office will advise which process applies when contacted.