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Viterra provides grain buyers, end users and exporters with a range of storage, handling and transportation options including Export Select.

Export Select is a logistics package that incorporates a number of services including:

  • Accumulation planning
  • Outturn from Viterra’s up-country storage
  • Transport to port and
  • In-loading at port

Export Select enables Viterra to manage an efficient supply chain to all Viterra Export Terminals. To achieve this various Viterra sites are designated Export Select Only for specific commodities. The list of Export Select Only sites is in Schedule D from Pricing, Procedures and Protocols Manual (schedule A-L).

If growers wish to retain physical ownership upcountry (eg. for domestic outturn) it is important to check with your local regional office to discuss potential arrangements.

Further details about Export Select for grain buyers, end users and exporters can be found in Schedule B from Pricing, Procedures and Protocols Manual (schedule A-L).

2019/20 season Export Select Rates

Our 2019/20 Export Select freight rates reflect efficiency gains that we’ve obtained through changes in our operations, while also ensuring the long term sustainability of our supply chain through ongoing investment.

We have been able to create efficiency gains at our larger sites, which is also where we can create the greatest value for growers.

We have been working closely with our transport partners to reach an outcome that will help us deliver a valuable and efficient service.

As a result, Export Select freight rates at most of our major sites have decreased, or stayed the same compared to the 2018/19 season’s rates.

Current season grain

Prior season grain