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Viterra is giving growers the opportunity to have their wheat upgraded with the introduction of dynamic binning for the 2018/19 harvest.

Dynamic binning provides growers with more flexibility to potentially access a higher grade for loads that are just outside of the receival standards. It will be available at Viterra sites for wheat grades ASW1, APW1, H2 and H1.

In order to receive an upgrade, the following four criteria need to be met:

1. Classification results fall within the ‘tolerance’ zone for protein, screenings or test weight
2. Load meets all other quality requirements, including variety, contaminants and MRLs
3. The higher grade segregation is available at that site
4. The rolling stack average of the higher grade meets the Grain Trade Australia (GTA) receival standards

The tolerance zones will be as follows:

Our dynamic binning service is simple and instant:

  • Our tolerances are pre-set to provide clarity for growers
  • The upgrade is determined instantly at classification and printed on the ticket
  • Growers are able to transact their ticket immediately.

A significant investment in our grain IT systems has allowed us to introduce this to provide more value to growers, while continuing to meet customers’ outturn requirements.

Dynamic Binning Fact Sheet


For more information call the Viterra Service Centre

Call 1800 018 205