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Viterra sites ready for harvest

15 October 2020

Viterra sites are well prepared when harvest deliveries start to pick up pace following its Port Pirie site taking the first load in the network just under two weeks ago.

The load of barley was received on Saturday 3 October into Port Pirie, and there have since been further deliveries in the Central region as well as sites on the Eyre Peninsula taking first deliveries.

Viterra is focused on providing a valuable and efficient service to its grower customers and has worked closely with them in the lead up to harvest to understand their needs.

Viterra held a virtual preharvest meeting with strategic site committee chairs and some grower customers which was an opportunity to provide business and industry information, as well as seek feedback on its operations. The meeting was the first of further grower meetings to take place in more localised groups to discuss site specific information and ensure services at individual sites meet growers’ needs for the coming harvest.

Viterra has also been undertaking its annual recruitment drive. Generally, the business looks to recruit around 1500 seasonal workers, but this year is pleased to recruit up to 1800 seasonal workers with the more promising outlook for the harvest.

Viterra made investments in services ahead of the 2020/21 harvest which includes its new warehouse to cash service which enables growers to instantly sell and transfer their warehoused grain to a cash price. Viterra is also continuing to provide its dynamic binning service for wheat and barley.

As well as investments in services, Viterra is passing efficiencies on to its grower customers through its storage and handling fees and Export Select rates which reduces costs and provides value to growers.

Receival fees at all upcountry sites for all commodities and grades remain the same as last harvest, and for the second consecutive year the receival fee for major wheat and other barley has not increased at upcountry sites. For growers’ warehoused grain, Viterra will continue to waive storage fees for the month of delivery and month following delivery.

Viterra’s Export Select rates at all Viterra sites across the network have decreased as well.

Viterra also made changes to the delivery process to align with government COVID-19 guidelines which were communicated to growers ahead of harvest.