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Changes to lentil grades to create additional value for growers

8 October 2020

Viterra has made changes to its lentil grades for the 2020/21 harvest following continuous review of its service offering.

The changes for the coming harvest are part of Viterra’s ongoing focus to provide an efficient and sustainable service to its grower customers.

Viterra has introduced a new Viterra (V) lentil grade to create additional value for growers. The V grade is for loads just outside of the number 1 grade for receival standards for foreign seed contaminants, snails and total defective grain. The V grade has a fee of $5 per tonne and has no tonnage deductions.

Viterra has also reduced its fees from $15 per tonne creating further value for grower customers. Its cleaning grades have a fee of $10 per tonne and V grade has a fee of $5 per tonne.

The business has also reviewed and updated its cleaning grades which includes some reduced tonnage deductions and modified contaminant tolerances.

Growers can deliver into the number 1 grade, Viterra’s new V grade and cleaning grades at Viterra’s South Australian sites that receive lentils.

Growers with loads outside of receival standards for number 1 grade can deliver into the new V grade, or existing cleaning grades with:

  • a new higher tolerance for snails
  • a maximum 11% tolerance for total defective grain
  • a higher tolerance for foreign seed contaminants
  • a higher tolerance for poor colour seed coat.

Viterra has opened the local grower delivery line for all pulses at Inner Harbour to enable all growers to deliver directly into the site. The new Northern Connector will also create efficiencies for growers travelling to the site. Hallmark and Nipper type lentils will be received at Inner Harbour this harvest.

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