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Delivery changes at Viterra sites for the 2020/21 harvest

1 October 2020

Viterra has made changes to the delivery process for the 2020/21 harvest to align with government COVID-19 guidelines.
Viterra is monitoring the situation across Australia daily and responding to all government advice and protocols.

Viterra has put measures in place at sites to manage the health and wellbeing of employees, growers, carriers, visitors and the broader community.

These measures are also designed to ensure business continuity, and being able to operate its supply chains to meet the needs of its grower and buyer customers.

Viterra continues to plan for different scenarios to align operations with any changes to the government COVID-19 advice and guidelines during harvest, and has the necessary resources to do so.

Viterra has reviewed all points of the delivery process and made modifications to processes and requirements that will be in place at sites. Some of the changes include:

  • Predelivery bucket samples will be managed without the need for interaction. Samples should be left under the stairs of the classification offices with the grower’s name and mobile phone number. An employee will call the grower with the results.
  • All classification offices will have a perspex shield and/or window as a barrier between the driver and employee.
  • The exchange of paperwork will be minimised.
  • National Grower Register (NGR) cards must be taken with the driver rather than leaving them at site.
  • To enable us to manage shift change over, there will be a break between one shift finishing and the next starting to allow time for employees to leave before the following shift starts. This will mean there will be a short break in operations during that changeover time. Viterra will manage opening hours in line with growers’ delivery needs.

Viterra is confident and well prepared to continue operating its sites and provide a valuable and efficient service to its customers this harvest.

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