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Grower feedback to plan services

2 July 2020

Growers are being asked to provide feedback on what they have sown this year so Viterra can match services to their needs. 

Viterra’s planting survey asks growers for feedback on commodities, varieties and hectares sown so the business can understand what segregations are required at Viterra sites across the state as well as determine any opportunities or limitations for market access and meeting customer needs.

Growers who complete the survey with an NGR before Sunday 26 July are eligible to win one of three $1000 community donations offered by Viterra.

The survey which is available on the Viterra website is quick to fill out, taking around five minutes to complete, and can be accessed on a phone, tablet or computer.

The preliminary segregation plan is also available on the Viterra website which is subject to change based on the feedback received from growers through the planting survey and seasonal conditions which may affect required segregations.

Viterra is seeking feedback on whether growers have applied or intend to apply imidazolinone (IMI) chemicals to their crop this season. The feedback helps Viterra to manage stocks and continue to meet different end use customer requirements. Grain that has had IMI chemicals applied will continue to be received as per receival standards.

A summary of results from the survey will be shared with growers and published on the Viterra website. Individual responses are only for internal use.

Growers that would prefer to provide feedback over the phone can contact the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205.