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Viterra’s quality management key during strong demand

7 May 2020

Food safety and quality management is at the forefront of Viterra’s operations ensuring grain that is moving quickly through its supply chain continues to meet domestic and export requirements.

All six of Viterra’s port terminals were busy loading vessels last month, while grain is also being outturned by road and rail. Viterra has a long term focus of food safety and quality management, which is highlighted when outturns are in full swing, as the business continues to meet the varying requirements from importing and exporting authorities as well as end users for grain to arrive at its final destination.

Meeting these requirements helps to ensure South Australian growers’ grain continues to be in demand with access to multiple markets.

To help meet these requirements, Viterra holds a number of accreditations and certifications, and meets the highest international standards of food safety and quality management.

Viterra has held ISO 22000:2018 certification, the highest certification of any grain supply chain in Australia for more than 20 years which demonstrates the business consistently upholding these standards. This includes the new certification standards introduced in 2018 that requires greater accountability of process, monitoring and risk management for food safety.

The Viterra supply chain, through Glencore Agriculture, is also Green Food certified issued by the Green Food Development Center, operated by the Ministry of Agriculture for China. The certification represents agricultural and other products that have passed a strict set of standards in quality control and management at all points in the supply chain. The certification has become known as the typical representation of safe and high quality agricultural products and food in China.

Viterra is certified by the China Quality Certification Centre for its adherence to a set of procedures to manage food safety, as well as for the transportation and storage of cereal products at its six export terminals demonstrating the business’ stringent food safety management.

Amongst other certifications and accreditations, Viterra also operates its own state of the art laboratory. The purpose built $3 million laboratory conducts testing at multiple points along the Viterra supply chain supporting the business’ focus of connecting South Australian growers’ grain to end use markets both domestically and globally.