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Viterra delivers efficiencies directly to growers

16 April 2020

Viterra delivered nearly $10 million in additional value directly to growers last harvest through dynamic binning, reduced Export Select freight rates, storage and handling fees and warehousing fees.

Viterra has a long term focus of providing grain storage and handling services to South Australian growers using the most efficient, cost effective and sustainable supply chain and delivering value through the services it provides.

Viterra expanded its dynamic binning offering to include barley as well as wheat, which delivered approximately $4.7 million in value to growers who were able to access a higher grade during the 2019/20 harvest, including $2 million for barley upgrades. Of the deliveries in the tolerance zone, 97 per cent of barley and 90 per cent of wheat were upgraded.

Viterra’s Export Select freight rates at most major sites decreased, or stayed the same, compared to the 2018/19 season’s rates. Growers also benefited from storage fees being waived for the month following the month of delivery and receival fees which did not increase for major wheat and other barley deliveries.

The business continuously invests in its people, infrastructure and services to provide the greatest value to its grower and buyer customers. Around $40 million is invested into Viterra’s sites each year in capital expenditure directed to where it will create the greatest benefit for its customers, with around $200 million invested in the last five years.

Investments made prior to last harvest included:

  • $6 million invested at Port Lincoln terminal, part of $15 million in the last three years
  • 150,000 tonnes of additional storage built at Cummins, Snowtown and Roseworthy
  • $4 million at Gladstone with a new state of the art classification centre, automatic grain probes, automated 40 metre weighbridge and shed resealing
  • New app released to make it easier for grower to do business
  • Thermal printers to increase speed of printing delivery tokens
  • Further upgrades to IT grain management system
  • Installed satellite at sites for NBN

Viterra will continue to invest into its sites as it takes a long term approach to its business to ensure it can continue to provide an efficient and high level of service to growers and attract buyers to purchase South Australian grain.