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Viterra outturning to multiple destinations

12 December 2019

A busy outturn schedule is underway for Viterra, with grain headed to a number of domestic and export destinations on behalf of the multiple buyers in the Viterra system.

Viterra has continued to outturn domestically via rail with new participants using its now well established supply chain. Trains have been loaded during harvest at Gladstone, Bowmans, Snowtown and Port Pirie, with a strong schedule continuing, providing great benefit to growers.

Viterra has adapted its supply chain to service the domestic market by rail which has brought new buyers to Viterra that would typically source their grain elsewhere. Wheat, barley and canola has been headed to various food and feed customers.

Through November and December, Viterra has also been loading vessels on behalf of four exporters bound for a number of domestic and international export markets.

Viterra’s Port Lincoln and Thevenard port terminals loaded vessels during November, and Port Giles and Wallaroo will commence loading vessels in the coming days.

A Glencore Agriculture vessel at Port Lincoln marked the first of the new season grain being shipped with 26,500 tonnes of wheat headed to Yemen. The vessel was loaded at night to ensure grower deliveries continued to be managed efficiently during the loading.

Viterra’s Port Lincoln terminal infrastructure supports quick turnaround times with loading rates of up to 3000 tonnes per hour, which provides significant value to the industry. Vessels larger than panamax can be efficiently loaded in under three days.

Viterra is running 24 hour operations at Port Lincoln which includes loading vessels at night, using the terminal’s infrastructure off peak, to ensure Viterra maximises efficiency for harvest receivals from growers.

Increased elevation capacity benefits both vessel loading and deliveries to the site, with the vessel loaded more quickly at night and all elevation points dedicated to deliveries during the day.

Managing the supply chain from upcountry sites through to port terminal means Viterra efficiently accumulates grain for shipping and can adjust operations to meet its customers’ changing needs.

Viterra’s commitment to providing valuable and efficient grain storage and handling services to South Australian growers will continue to be backed by ongoing investment and grower focused services.