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Viterra’s 2019/20 storage and handling service fees

5 September 2019

Viterra is passing efficiencies and cost savings directly on to grower and buyer customers through its storage and handling fees for the 2019/20 harvest.

Viterra is focused on improving its services through continued investment in its supply chain, making it easier for customers to use the Viterra system and passing efficiency gains and cost savings directly on to grower and buyer customers. The 2019/20 fee structure reflects efficiency gains Viterra has achieved through changes in its operations, while also ensuring the long term sustainability of its supply chain.

For growers’ warehoused grain, storage fees are now waived for the month following the month of delivery. For example, tonnes delivered to a Viterra site in November will not incur a storage fee for November and December. If grain is transferred from warehouse to a buyer in this period, there will not be any monthly storage fees incurred. Grain will only incur a storage fee if stock remains in warehouse on 1 January.

The storage fee per month has been simplified, with a flat rate consistent across the year until end of August. Growers will receive a saving of between 60 cents and $1.42 depending on the month of transfer. Viterra will advise buyers of the exact accumulated storage fee when grain is transferred.

Viterra’s recent investment in its grain IT management system, SIMS, has allowed these changes to be facilitated.

Viterra’s receival fees have not increased for major wheat and other (feed) barley deliveries to major sites. Receival fees will remain at the 2018/19 fee of $13.17 for major wheat and $13.42 for other barley.

To reflect recent changes and efficiencies within the Viterra network, there have been some changes to whether sites are Tier 1 or Tier 2 upcountry receival sites. Eudunda and Owen are now Tier 1 sites, and Coomandook, Gulnare, Jamestown, Mallala, Murray Bridge and Murdinga are Tier 2 sites. A complete list of Tier 1 and Tier 2 sites is on the Fees, terms and conditions page of the Viterra website.

Viterra has made changes to simplify its fees this season and continue to make it easier for buyers to use the Viterra system. These changes include:

  • single outturn and port inloading fees, no longer varied between rail and road transport
  • flattened shipping fees which are no longer varied based on shipping period
  • simplified monthly storage fees.

Viterra has multiple buyers in its system and simplifying its fees will make it easier for buyers to do business through Viterra.

For more information on storage and handling fees, please visit the Viterra website or contact your local Operations Manager.