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Viterra releases its 2019/20 preliminary segregation plan

30 May 2019

Viterra has released its full preliminary segregation plan for the 2019/20 harvest to assist growers with their harvest planning. In March, Viterra released its preliminary segregations for malting barley, faba beans and PEAK peas to assist with planting decisions and now segregations for all commodities have been released.

The preliminary segregation plan is available on the Viterra website under the growers section. Growers are encouraged to review the segregations in their area and provide feedback to the regional offices to ensure segregations meet their needs.

Viterra plans segregations based on grower planting and delivery trends and operational requirements. We aim to provide growers with an efficient service, maximising the elevation capacity and minimising overall turnaround times across the network.

The preliminary segregation plan is subject to change based on feedback from growers and seasonal conditions. Viterra will continue to work closely with growers as the season progresses to ensure segregations are matched to what is being grown in each region.

Viterra invests in our supply chain where we can provide grower and buyer customers with the highest levels of service and the most sustainable and efficient supply chain.

Since 2010, we have spent more than $350 million on capital projects and maintenance and we continue to invest $40 million in our supply chain each year, targeted to where it will have the greatest impact and benefit for growers.

Read Viterra’s preliminary segregation plan.