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Post harvest review report released

16 May 2019

Viterra’s post harvest review report has been released with an overview of the 2018/19 season and feedback from growers on its harvest operations.

The report includes results from the post harvest grower survey and strategic site committee meetings on Viterra’s operations, customer service and communications.

The report outlines the success of wheat dynamic binning which was introduced prior to harvest and provided significant value to growers with around $6 million in instant upgrades. The service was well received with respondents providing positive feedback in the grower survey.

Results from the survey showed that respondents thought the overall service level across Viterra’s network was very good and the majority of respondents believed that Viterra’s overall storage and handling service delivery had improved.

Viterra invests over $40 million in capital works and maintenance annually. Focus areas for this year include upgrades to front end loaders across the network, additional storage capacity, two new 40 metre weighbridges to improve turnaround times and shed resealing program for maximum storage and segregation availability.

Growers also gave positive feedback about the level of communication during the 2018/19 harvest. To improve access to Viterra information and Ezigrain accounts, Viterra is developing a new user friendly app to access on mobile devices.

Growers considered market access the most important factor when considering where to deliver grain. Accuracy and consistency in the classification of grain also rated highly. Viterra will continue to focus on the high standards of its ISO 22000:2018 certified supply chain. The “Verified Viterra” program continues to be used to highlight the business’ systems that deliver quality South Australian grain to the world safely and efficiently.

Viterra will continue to seek and consider feedback from growers to improve its services for the 2019/20 harvest and beyond. Read the post harvest review report.