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Viterra preliminary segregation plan for malt barley, peas and faba beans

4 April 2019

Viterra has released its preliminary segregation plan for malt barley, peas and faba beans for the 2019/20 harvest.

The segregations were released early to help growers plan for the upcoming season and comes ahead of the preliminary segregation plan for all commodities.

Viterra has made changes to its segregations based on grower planting trends, operational requirements and to ensure the business can provide an efficient service to growers for the upcoming harvest.

The number of Spartacus, Compass and Planet segregations has increased in some areas as a result of grower feedback that plantings are expected to increase.

Viterra previously indicated to growers that Hindmarsh segregations would not be offered following the 2018/19 harvest and will be segregated as feed due to a continuing decline in planting.

Receival sites for peas and faba beans have changed to consolidate storage options and ensure more suitable storage facilities are used for handling the commodities. Due to declining receivals, segregations for PEAS (Dun peas) will not be available. PEAK segregations for Kaspa, Gunyah, Twilight and Wharton pea varieties will continue to be offered at Viterra sites.

Growers are encouraged to provide feedback on the preliminary segregation plan for all commodities. Feedback is important as having segregations available where they are needed can help maximise elevation capacity and minimise overall turnaround times across the network.

Viterra will work closely with growers as they commence seeding and as the season progresses to match segregations with grain being grown in each region. The preliminary segregation plan is subject to change based on feedback from growers and seasonal conditions.

For more information, growers can visit Preliminary segregation plan.