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Viterra facilitating outturns to meet demand

28 March 2019

Viterra continues to facilitate outturns throughout the network to meet South Australian and east coast domestic demand while also working closely with exporters to meet end-use customer needs in international markets.

Wheat, barley, pulses and canola are being outturned from 15 sites in Viterra’s Central region this week. Grain is being outturned by road and rail to a range of different locations, majority of which is headed into the South Australian domestic market.

Gladstone, Bowmans and Snowtown sites will all load grain by rail this week and next week in what has been a busy time for domestic rail movements.

The Eastern region is also facilitating road and rail movements from 11 sites, with trains being loaded at Tailem Bend and Wolseley. Grain from the Eastern region is also being outturned to meet the needs of the South Australian market and east coast.

Following continued dry conditions, grain that would normally be bound for export is being supplied into the domestic market which has added a level of complexity for the supply chain. Viterra is focused on getting grain to the right place at the right time, and has made adjustments throughout its supply chain to accommodate changes in the flow of grain and meet customers’ needs.

Buyers that traditionally purchase grain in the eastern states are now becoming buyers in the Viterra system and sourcing South Australian grain.

Thevenard, Port Lincoln, Port Giles, Outer Harbor and Inner Harbour port terminals are loading vessels this week and next week with a range of different commodities including wheat, barley, lentils and canola.

Viterra will continue to work closely with exporters while balancing and facilitating South Australian and east coast domestic requirements.