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Grower feedback sought at Viterra’s post harvest meetings

21 March 2019

Viterra has held post harvest meetings with its Strategic Site Committee Chairs in the last three weeks to seek feedback on the 2018/19 harvest.

Strategic Site Committees and their respective chairs represent growers across all areas in the Viterra network and act as a key communication channel between Viterra and grower customers.

A one day meeting was held in each region. A number of Viterra staff gave presentations on key activities in the business including dynamic binning, feedback received from the post harvest grower survey, commodities and pricing, logistics, relationships with end use customers and market access for South Australian grain.

The meetings play an important part in reviewing Viterra’s harvest operations for the season, providing information and receiving valuable feedback from growers to begin planning for the 2019/20 harvest.

Viterra will continue to seek and review feedback from growers in preparation for the 2019/20 harvest to ensure the business continues to provide a valuable service to growers that is flexible and efficient.

In preparation for the next harvest, Viterra is continuing to make significant investments in the supply chain to improve service delivery to growers and maintain market access for South Australian grain. Work is currently being undertaken to expand Viterra’s Roseworthy site with additional storage being built and Snowtown is also set to expand with the construction of additional storage. Viterra’s storage shed refurbishment program is continuing this year with a further two sheds at Gladstone and Loxton undergoing works.