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Grower survey closes soon

7 February 2019

Viterra encourages growers to provide feedback on its services, operations and communication for the 2018/19 season through the post harvest grower survey which is open until midnight Sunday 10 February.

The survey is an important tool for Viterra to receive feedback to continuously improve and provide valued services to growers for future harvests.

Viterra has introduced new questions this year on the introduction of wheat dynamic binning to seek feedback and any suggestions to further enhance the new service.

The survey asks growers to rate Viterra’s performance during the 2018/19 harvest in relation to its operations at sites they delivered to such as classification of grain, turnaround times, opening hours and elevation equipment capacity. Questions also seek feedback on the methods of communicating information related to harvest and making deliveries, the effectiveness of SMS alerts and the value of future notifications regarding deliveries.

Growers are also invited to provide overall feedback.

This year, the survey is shorter and simple to use and should take about 10 minutes to complete. All survey responses are kept strictly confidential and anonymous.

A link to the survey has been sent via SMS and email to growers. Growers can also visit the Grower survey page, and follow the link directly to the survey.

For any questions or difficulties completing the survey, growers can contact the Viterra Service Centre on 1800 018 205.