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Viterra releases segregations for 2018/19 harvest

26 April 2018

Viterra has released its preliminary segregation plan for the 2018/19 harvest and growers are being encouraged to provide feedback to ensure segregations meet their needs.

Viterra has released the information early to give growers an indication of the segregations that will be at sites.

The company will work closely with growers as they commence seeding and as the season progresses to ensure segregations are matched to what is being grown in each region.

Growers are encouraged to give feedback to help Viterra deliver segregations that will achieve the best results for growers and their region.

Segregations are also planned to maximise the elevation capacity and minimise overall turnaround times across the network.

Viterra will be increasing the number of segregations on offer for Spartacus and Compass.

It is expected that more Spartacus and Compass will be grown this season given the varieties recently received malt accreditation.

It is important to note the preliminary plan is subject to change following further consultation with growers and depending on seasonal conditions.

Last year, Viterra conducted a planting survey for the first time to seek feedback on what growers had planted compared to the previous year, and the company plans to do that again in June or July.

The preliminary segregation plan is available on the Viterra website. Growers can provide feedback directly to their regional offices listed on the plan.