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Viterra welcomes ESCOSA grain supply chain inquiry

19 May 2017

Viterra welcomes the Essential Services Commission of South Australia’s (ESCOSA) inquiry into the South Australian bulk grain export supply chain costs, as an opportunity to identify further value for the industry and state.

The grain industry is a large contributor to the South Australian economy, with the record 2016/17 harvest worth an estimated $2.2 billion at the farm gate.
Tim Krause, General Manager, Viterra Operations said South Australia’s grain industry is strongly positioned in global markets, based on its sustainability, traceability and clean and green image from farm to port.

“Our submission to ESCOSA highlights the value our business provides to growers, exporters and end-use customers as well as the sophistication and complexity of Viterra’s grain supply chain,” Tim said.

“In recent years we have made commercially rigorous decisions to further increase the efficiency of our service delivery for customers. We continue to place a strong focus on prudently managing our supply chain costs despite the pressure of increasing electricity and other input costs.

“We are proud of our significant contribution to the South Australian grain industry. Our consistently high standards of service, quality management, safety, reliability and sustainability, in response to the needs of customers, demonstrate the supply chain is working well.”

In the 2016/17 harvest, Viterra worked closely with growers to receive a record 9.2 million tonnes of grain. About 4.8 million tonnes has already been shipped on behalf of 11 exporters with South Australian grain going to end-users in 21 countries.

“In such a competitive international market it is critical that South Australia stays ahead of its competitors.”

“We look forward to working with ESCOSA as it gathers and analyses information and makes recommendations for the sector,” Tim said.