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Viterra releases preliminary segregation plan as shipping picks up pace

16 May 2017

Viterra’s preliminary segregation plan for the 2017/18 season is now available as grain exports continue their record-breaking pace to move last season’s huge crop.

The draft plan, available on the Viterra and Ezigrain websites, offers similar segregations to last year with some small adjustments being made for pulses and malting barley to reflect some
growers’ shift to emerging varieties.

Michael Hill, Viterra’s Group Operations Manager, said he encouraged growers to provide feedback on the plan.

“Growers have started seeding so they know what they need from us. We’re asking them to contact their local Operations Coordinator listed on the plan and let us know whether the segregations meet their needs,” Michael said.

“The plan is subject to change as we continue to consult with growers and Strategic Site Committee Chairs and monitor seasonal conditions.”

Michael said preparation for the 2017/18 season was on track, with Viterra’s strong export program helping to move the huge amount of grain.

“Over 500,000 tonnes of grain has been shipped in the first half of May alone. We’ve shipped 4.8 million tonnes already this season, plus moved another 630,000 tonnes in containers and to domestic third parties.

“It’s been a credit to our employees and road and rail partners to move such large amounts of grain in a timely manner and meet the high export demand.”

“Viterra works hard to run an efficient supply chain which is attractive to exporters and gives growers access to a range of global buyers.”

“Exporters are confident in coming to South Australia to source their grain, knowing Viterra provides a system which is reliable, efficient and has strong quality control processes in place.”