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Barley receivals modified in response to glyphosate approval

9 November 2016

Viterra has modified its receival process for barley to reflect growers’ use of glyphosate while still protecting South Australia’s market access.

Michael Hill, Group Operations Manager, said the change is in response to the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) last week approving a permit which allows the use of glyphosate on barley (except malting barley).

“Starting this week, we will be taking glyphosate treated barley according to the APVMA permit,” Michael said.

“However it is important to make clear that the permit specifically excludes the use of glyphosate on malting barley.

“Malting barley varieties which have not had glyphosate applied remain eligible for malting classification. Any barley variety sprayed with glyphosate will automatically be classified as feed barley.

“It is very important we maintain the integrity and quality of these products for our end-use customers and to protect access to certain markets.”

Michael said growers will be required to declare their use of glyphosate to ensure there is no contamination of malting barley segregations.

“As part of the classification process for each load of barley, the classifier will ask if glyphosate has been applied. Growers will need to declare whether glyphosate has been applied or not. If the grower or carrier does not know, the result will be feed.

“Individual grower load samples will be kept for all malting barley deliveries and residue testing will be undertaken.

“If a malting variety, and the varieties Compass and Hindmarsh, have had glyphosate applied, the highest classification for that load will be feed due to market access and customer requirements.”

For more information and a list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, visit the Viterra website under Storage and Handling, Harvest 2016/17, Classification.



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