In The Community

Viterra has strong connections to rural and regional communities across Australia. We value these close ties and understand the importance of providing community support, which we do in a number of ways.


Viterra views its sponsorships as long-term investments and a commitment to the communities in which we operate. Viterra sponsorships must either:

  • Promote Viterra's core business activity
  • Promote relationships between Viterra employees and key stakeholders 
  • Support sustainability and longevity of the industries in which Viterra operates

Sponsorship Restrictions

In most cases, sponsorships which include any of the following will not be considered:

  • Sponsorships that should be the responsibility for the most part of government at any level
  • Sponsorships promoted by political or religious organisations, or that are religious or political in nature
  • Sponsorships that involve an activity of a sporting nature*
  • Sponsorships to other charities, foundations or general appeals and lotteries
  • Individuals, including Viterra employees
  • Organisations or groups who discriminate or limit membership based on race, gender, beliefs, class or cultural considerations

*While Viterra is not inclined to sponsor sporting activities, there are circumstances where this is acceptable due to the sponsorship being aligned with our business objectives.

Sponsorship Proposals

While Viterra considers sponsorship and donation requests throughout the year, applications should provide a lead time of at least three months to allow:

  • Consideration of the request,
  • Assessment of community and corporate benefits
  • Definition of contractual terms.

In addition, all sponsorship proposals must include:

  • Information linking to our objectives
  • Comprehensive list of benefits, including how they relate to our products and services
  • Timeline, including important deadlines
  • Overview of applicant's marketing plan, and
  • Full list of sponsors who have committed to date.

For all sponsorship enquiries, please forward to: